Camshaft Enclosures

Unique protection of the camshaft with CIMMASTER Inc’s camshaft enclosures.

  • Fitted with bushing for precision fitting and long wear life.
  • Complete with grease nipple for ease of maintenance
  • Large grease volume reduces maintenance frequency

Camshaft Support Bracket Bushing

Spherical cam bearings with internal seals and grease nipple.

  • Superior design
  • Precision fit
  • Integrated grease nipple

Hub & Drum Wheel Bearing Dial Gauge

Take the guessing out of proper wheel bearing installations with our hub & bearing gauge.

  • Magnetically attaches to hub face
  • Easy to use, with accurate measurements
  • Ensures proper wheel bearing installations

Camshaft Support Bushing Assembly

CIMMASTER Inc. offers a superior camshaft support assembly for support on the beam of the axle assembly.

  • Includes bushing with retainer plates
  • Includes bushing, assembly & support bracket
  • Installable either left or right

Cam Bracket

CIMMASTER Inc. offers a variety of cam brackets as part of a kit or as a single standalone product.

  • Standalone for simple cam bracket replacement
  • Available as an individual item or part of a kit
  • Superior quality with a precision fit

Dust Shields

Durable long life, high temperature nylon dust shields that helps eliminate common rust and corrosion problems associated with brake parts.

  • Wide body offset for improved air circulation & venting
  • Provides maximum protection against contaminents & road debris
  • Lightweight design – 2 lbs lighter than heavy duty steel dust shields
  • Fits common trailer hubs with 6-hole x 5.5″ bolt circle and 5/16 bolts